I started lashing in 2013, and have taken continued education courses throughout the years to keep my skills top notch. My time in the industry has allowed me to become an expert in the field of classic lash extensions. Using only the highest quality lash products, providing you a calm & sanitary environment, my goal is to give you wake up and go lashes that suit you perfectly (and hey, maybe a lash nap too). 

Natural lash extensions that are comfortable to wear, long lasting, & hypoallergenic

sound too good to be true?!

A semi-permanent treatment that lifts your natural lashes in a way your lash curler never could. Each lash lift includes a luxurious lash treatment formulated to strengthen & condition your natural lashes. 


Lash Lift & Tint

A mix of classic lashes & lash fans that contain 1-5 extensions per fan attached to your natural lash. Hybrids are a great way to add more density & volume to your lashline while keeping the integrity & health of your natural lashes. The shape, diameter & curl will be determined during our consultation to achieve your desired look. 


Hybrid Lashes 

The perfect choice for a natural lash enhancement. Each set of lashes is customized to suit your unique eye shape, & personal preferences. Classic lashes are applied 1:1, meaning 1 extensions per 1 natural lash. The shape, diameter & curl will be determined during our consultation to achieve your desired look. 


Classic Lashes

So, what kind of lashes do you fancy?

I've searched high and low for top quality products that allow me to provide each customer a unique and personalized lash look. For those with sensitive eyes we offer multiple adhesive options including a hypoallergenic, medical grade adhesive perfect for those who have had allergies to lash extensions in the past. 

Had past reactions to lash extensions?

we've got the fix.

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"I have been getting lash extensions from Beck for a few years now. She is amazing at what she does. The environment is relaxing, clean and professional. I've tried other lash techs before and I have never been able to match the quality and consistency that Beck does! Would 100% recommend."

Marie-Eve Trudel


"I had a great experience getting a lash lift, my lashes looked amazing and the lift has lasted for over 7 weeks! I also had my hair and makeup done for my wedding and it was a great experience. Becca listened to all of my requests and made sure I felt happy with how I looked!"

Kendra Dewit


"I have had lash extensions on for almost 10 years, Becca has been doing mine since she passed her certification about 8 years ago! As I age so does the health of my lashes, but Becca keeps a watchful eye on them and only uses a lash size that will not damage my own lashes. She also carries a sensitive adhesive that is amazing too! "

Lisa Campbell


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Absolutely! We always encourage our clients to use a serum, especially for those with fine natural lashes. Our recommendation is Revive 7, its safe to use and it really does work! You can even purchase it in our online shop. 


For your initial set of lash extensions expect 1-2 hours, this includes consult, aftercare education and application time. For a lash lift and tint please allow 1 hour for your appointment. 

how long does the appointment take?

Extensions can damage what you have naturally if your artist has not been properly educated on lash health and if you the client doesn’t take time to care for your extensions properly at home. The main causes of natural lash damage are poor application techniques, low quality adhesive and products, extensions that are too heavy for your natural lash and improper after care. At Bare Beauty we take the time to assess your natural lashes so we can create a lash map that will give you the look you desire without compromising the integrity and health of your natural lashes. 


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The truth is, you can do whatever you want with the extensions. But if you want longevity out of your investment we suggest putting that mascara down and stepping away from the waterproof makeup ladies. Mascara will be extremely difficult to clean out of your new extensions, will clump your lashes together, and will cause the lash adhesive to break down, resulting in premature lash loss. 


There are a number of factors that contribute to the longevity of your lash extensions. The speed of your hair growth cycle, proper aftercare, and natural oils in the skin are just a few of them. With this in mind you can expect to need a fill within 2-4 weeks of your initial appointment.


Not at all. Most of our clients have a little lash nap in fact! 

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